VAT 69 Scotch Whiskey Review


By Richard Thomas

Rating: C-

VAT 69 is one of those classic scotch labels that has fallen into relative obscurity in modern times. If most Americans are aware of VAT 69 today (the scotch enjoys a higher profile in Europe), it is probably because Capt. Lewis Nixon of Band of Brothers fame swore by the stuff, a biographical note highlighted in the HBO series.

Nixon’s love of VAT 69 points directly to how popular it once was. Much like Canadian Club, VAT 69 used to be one of the most popular whiskeys in America, and certainly one of the most popular imports. This was so much the case that the 1939 graduating class of Princeton dubbed themselves the “VAT ’39s.” Both the scotch and its advertisements appeared in countless films from the 1930s to the 1960s, and readers with sharp memories might recall that The Shining’s protagonist, Jack Torrance, had a fondness for VAT 69. Ernest Shackleton even took some with him to Antarctica. Nowadays, it occupies the bargain shelf at the supermarket or liquor store.

VAT 69 is the creation of William Sanderson and Son. As the story goes, William Sanderson was encouraged by his son to get into the blended whiskey business. He prepared 100 different blends and barreled them, and in 1882 invited some experts to sample them. The consensus was that cask No. 69 was the best, and thus VAT 69 was born. In 1884, the Sandersons bought Glengarioch Distillery and started making VAT 69 in earnest.

The Scotch
VAT 69 is a blend of roughly 40 different malt and grain whiskeys. For most consumers, about one-third of the scotch blend is malt whiskey, but the British domestic version is slightly different and contains a little more of the malt. VAT 69 used to be bottled in old port bottles, but today it comes in a simple green glass bottle with a metal screw cap. The scotch is bottled at 40% alcohol.

VAT 69 is a simple, pleasant blended scotch, utterly lacking in complexity, but with its own virtues nonetheless. The scotch enjoys a mid-gold color in the glass, and the nose is syrupy sweet, with crisp woody notes. On the palate, the syrupy all-spice flavored sweetness retreats into the background, partially replaced by peat smoke and tannin-rich woody flavors. The finish isn’t very long, but it is smoky and warm.

The Price
In my book, the key redeeming characteristic of VAT 69 is the price. I can buy it for 8 euros here in Portugal. In the United States, $20 seems to be the more the norm, but it gets cheaper in bulk, and I have seen 1.75-liter bottles of VAT 69 priced for as little as $30 before. This stuff is undeniably bargain basement stuff, but it is arguably one of the best whiskeys in that low-end category.

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  1. Ivor Singleton

    I have a bottle of VAT 69 which is unopened and dates back to the 1970’S. It is 70% proof and in a green bottle shaped similar to a port bottle, it has a pressed red wax seal on the front. Could you advise how much, if anything, this is worth?

  2. Ivor, I have two vintage bottles of Vat 69, one older, probably dated before 1965 and one like yours, probably from the late sixties-early Seventies. Your bottle is taller and less fat than the older one, and is worth between 30 and 45 euros (more or less USD 60.00). The older one, which goes from the beginning to early sixties, with a red ribbon from the cork to the wax seal, is more rare and quite difficult to find and is worth 50 to 80 euros according with its conditions (average USD 100,00).

  3. I have a bottle from around 1937 Vat 69. It has a slightly torn label but seal is in place as well as the stamp label over the top as it was distributed in America by Park & Tilford. It has never been opened, the bottle is 4/5 quart, any idea where to sell and how much?

    • Hi I have no idea what the value is, but I’ve been looking everywhere to find a vintage bottle of Vat 69. Do you still have it? How much are you willing to sell it for? Please let me know. email me

    • James Casarotto

      I have seen this bottle for sale and it is from the 1930s and it was selling for around 1,100 usa $

  4. THE best cheap, blended scotch. No artificial woody taste. No nasty ‘bite’. Great bargain.

  5. If you like herbal tea then you’ll love this one, surprisingly though, when mixed it doesn’t taste very alcoholic. I guess old school booze hounds would appreciate the dram more than most. Try it for yourself you might actually enjoy it.

  6. would have been a corked bootle, wondering the age

  7. I have an old bottle of Vat 69 gold still sealed not sure of the age but looking for potential buyers.

  8. Here in South Africa Vat 69 is then a bargain at R105 a bottle

  9. I have a red gift box, on the top of the box With the compliments of Wm. Sanderson & Son. ltd. The box contains two bottles of VAT 69 whisky each contain 6 2/3 fluid oz. 70 per cent proof. Is this of value in its present format.
    It also has the House of Sanderson booklet.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Norman Griffiths

  10. Does someone know how to get it in germany? Haven’t found any shop which sells it…

  11. Dopo il caffè e un cornetto alle 8 di mattina. Poesia pura

  12. Is 70% proof 70% alcohol ! I was told it was 40% alcohol. I would love that cleared up please.

    I had a “big” nip of Inner Circle Black Dot Rum 75.9% proof after a hard day and night waitressing I was 20 at the time. Anyway I hit the floor and did not remember the next 2.5 hours, some how I woke in my bed when I heard my bedroom door slam. My car was in the garage all ok.

  13. Thank you.

  14. Was given a bottle in the box by my mother in-law. Says 86 proof guart size still has us revenue stamp on it going across the top. Says golden light
    Distillers something Sanderson not sure
    Of year

  15. What is the significance of the dog onthe bottlecap

  16. 2018 on the beginning at Lidl Romania, still 39.99 lei ( almost 9 euro ). Auchan Romania has it slightly more expensive, I think 43 lei. Compared to Jameson, is a lil bit less tasty, he caramel is covered by a 2nd degree distillation compared to a 3rd degree of the Jameson.

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