Kentucky Gentleman Bourbon Review


By Richard Thomas

Rating: F

Kentucky Gentleman Whiskey

Kentucky Gentleman
(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Few entries into the whiskey market have ever been as misnamed as Kentucky Gentleman. Certainly Imperial whiskey is anything but, yet the concept of empire is a vague one, meaning different things to different people. The phrase “Kentucky Gentleman” implies a certain Southern genteelness, and frankly, no one possessed with such grace and class would ever stoop to drinking anything resembling Kentucky Gentleman whiskey. Unless, of course, that individual were a whiskey writer imbued with the selfless mission of informing the public as to just what, exactly, Kentucky Gentleman Bourbon is…

The Bourbon
Kentucky Gentleman is wrongly thought of as a bourbon, but in reality it is a blended whiskey, which is 51% bourbon and 49% grain spirits. The whiskey is made by Barton and bottled at 80 proof (40% abv).

In the glass, as in the bottle, the whiskey has an amber coloring that is more brown than copper, and looks like nothing quite so much as thinly brewed iced tea. The nose and flavor alike are watery, with equal measures of caramel and corn sweetness, coupled to a nauseating astringency. The finish reminds me of a cheap, knock-off cough syrup.

The Price
The sole redeeming characteristic of this very downmarket wino fuel is it’s price: one-liter bottles go for about $10 and 1.75-liter party bottles (although serving this at a party should rid you of your friends in a hurry) run less than $15. Yet even at those low, low prices, somehow it’s just not worth it, as the C-grade stuff is usually right next to Kentucky Gentleman and available for only a few more dollars.

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  1. John "Ratty" Arbuckle

    This is the whiskey equivalent of bum wine. See

  2. I’m comparing Jim Beam Black to Kentucky Gentleman as I type. I’ve already compared it to Crown. No one in this group of hard working middle America and licensed professionals have noticed the difference. Kentucky Gentleman has a nice mouth filling comfortable taste with a smooth finish. No headaches in the mornings plus we all woke up feeling healthy.

    • I like you sir blahsudkzbx

    • Thank you. I paid $7.49 for 750 ml. It was not great but not terrible. An ice cube in the glass and who knew how much I paid. Lots of whiskey snobs around the web. To stick in my motorcycle saddlebag for a weekend jaunt without busting the bank was the goal. I could not tell the difference between KG and other cheapies at twice as much. Every time I buy a cheap bottle of anything and it isn’t as bad as the price would suggest I check out the reviews of the snobs for a laugh. Now a whiskey to gag on is Georgia Moon:)

  3. I meant no “s”.

  4. HOW DARE YOU!?! I’ve been drinking KG all my life, and it is THE best whiskey … EVER.

  5. joe blanda, rochester, ny

    i like the stuff,,its not sweet ,also,
    has no rye tase,,i wish i know thee base 51% stright bourbon,,,

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