Whisky-Cured Salmon Recipe

By Richard Thomas

If you are in need of an interesting, easy to make appetizer for a party (as I was this past weekend), you can’t go far wrong with whisky-cured salmon. All the ingredients should already be in your kitchen and liquor cabinet, and the only real trick to making this dish is to think far enough ahead to allow the fish to cure properly.

Sliced salmon, either smoked or unsmoked
Table salt
Table sugar

Lay out a sheet of plastic film, and lay the strips of salmon on it in such a way as to leave wide borders on the top, bottom and sides. Coat the top of the salmon by sprinkling it with salt, sugar, and by pouring a little whisky onto each piece. Fold up the plastic, place the package on a plate to catch any leaking fluid, and put it in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

If you use smoked salmon with this recipe, the result will come out tasting not only like scotchy salmon, but Islay scotch salmon at that.

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