Maker’s Mark Deceptive Labeling Lawsuit Dismissed


By Richard Thomas

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida ruled on Tuesday, May 4 in favor of Maker’s Mark and its parent company, Beam Suntory, in a lawsuit that accused the bourbon-maker of deceptive labeling.

At issue was the “handmade” claim made on the Maker’s Mark bourbon label, with plaintiffs Dimitric Salters and A.G. Waseemn and their lawyers alleging that Maker’s Mark was made in an automated process with little or no human intervention. The actions against Maker’s Mark were the second in a series of lawsuits aimed at whiskey companies for misleading practices, starting with Templeton Rye and then moving on to include Angel’s Envy and Jim Beam.

The Federal judge handling the case dismissed it with prejudice, meaning the plaintiffs cannot pursue the matter again at a later date. A second, similar lawsuit in the state of California is still pending.


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