The Quiet Man 8 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey Review


By Father John Rayls

Rating: B+

The Quiet Man 8YO Irish Single Malt

The Quiet Man 8 Year Old Single Malt
(Credit: John Rayls)

I believed initially The Quiet Man whiskeys were named after one of my most favorite John Wayne films, The Quiet Man, with Maureen O’Hara. That is a connection I believe many Americans will make, however the storyline clearly shows the name of this Irish whiskey has nothing to do with the movie. Ciaran Mulgrew (managing director and co-owner of Niche Drinks) developed The Quiet Man to honor his father, John Mulgrew.

The Whiskey
Whereas the basic Quiet Man is a blended Irish Whiskey, this is the 8 year old single malt version. Just like it’s blended counterpart, it is bottled at 80 proof. This single malt also had a similar appearance to it’s cousin: eye-catching gold, with thin to medium legs.

This one is a subtle whiskey experience, but not quite as much as The Quiet Man blend. You will find the nose to be a crisp floral fragrance, but the oak is more apparent in this version. In addition, finishing this whiskey in bourbon casks adds the traditional vanilla notes as well. I would encourage you to take some additional time catching the subtle aromas. They are very pleasant, but simply require more time.

This drinks like a bigger whiskey, in spite of its 80 proof. All most all of the action is at the back of the mouth until the long finish eventually (slowly!) migrates all the way to the front. You will find hints of honey, vanilla and spicy oak. However, it’s all in a context of a very, very smooth experience. This is a very good whiskey not only for newbies, but also for experienced whiskey drinkers. It can be experienced at multiple levels of enjoyment.

The Price
In the UK, £31. In Ireland, €45. In the U.S., $50.

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  1. Where can I buy the Quiet Man Whiskey? I am in the U.S.

  2. Can you give me a list of the stockists. I live in bray do wick low.

  3. Where can the quiet man whiskey be bought in the uk. Thanks

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