Jameson Lively Irish Whiskey Review


By Richard Thomas

Rating: B-

Jameson Lively

Jameson Lively
(Credit: Pernod Ricard)

One of the early steps in Jameson’s recent comprehensive brand shake-up was introducing a line of Travel Retail only whiskeys, their first, in October 2015. This was the Deconstructed Series, consisting of Lively, Bold and Round, each emphasizing a different aspect of what goes into Jameson.

Lively takes on the grain whiskey aspect. Like all the Deconstructed whiskeys, it is bottled at 40% ABV.

The Whiskey
The liquid has a white gold coloring in the glass. The subtle nose carries a softened lemon and lime scent, seasoned by delicate hints of vanilla and a pinch of charcoal.

On the palate, the mouthfeel is quite light, and almost slippery. The crisp, zesty flavor has a refreshing, lemon drop-like quality to it, with very modest notes of honey, vanilla and ginger. The finish is clear, short, and as one might expect for a whiskey so light, not overtly warm.

A subtle, but not complex whiskey, this is exactly what I would expect from a fruity grain whiskey aged in an ex-bourbon barrel. Consequently, it’s also not a bad choice for neat, summertime drinking.

The Price
The recommended price is €36/£27.50, a very reasonable price for a Travel Retail-only item that comes in a one liter bottle.

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