Sweden’s Box Whisky To Expand


Box Whisky was launched for the first time with Systembolaget, the Swedish off-license system, in June 2014, and the limited edition sold out right away. Ever since retailers all over the world have shown interest in the company’s products. Demand has increased dramatically, especially following the launch of Dálvve – the first standard whisky – since the end of last year.

“Our annual production capacity of just over 100,000 liters LPA (litres of pure alcohol) is not enough to meet consumer interest. Our response is a decision to triple capacity,” says Box Distillery’s CEO Thomas Larsson.

The investment will include two new copper stills, four new washbacks and some minor alterations in the still room. What’s more, there will be a need to boost the number of production personnel. A large new warehouse will also be built very soon as a complement to the other investments and to enhance the area’s attractiveness.

The company has also decided to increase its investment in the distillery as a popular attraction. There is a constantly growing interest in visiting Sweden’s High Coast and Box Distillery. The distillery is already one of the region’s most visited conference venues and tourist destinations. The restaurant and conference sections will be extended and modified to accommodate the growing operations and welcome even larger groups.

“It’s truly gratifying that so many people are interested in our products and that our business attracts whisky aficionados, companies and tourists from countries all over the world. This investment will allow us to take our place as one of the most ambitious distilleries in the world of new whisky,” says Thomas Larsson.

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