Port Askaig Cask Strength Whisky Coming To American Shores


From the Scottish isle of Islay, Port Askaig has brought an elegant and approachable single malt to American peaty whisky lovers of the United States.

Port Askaig 110° Proof is the first of this unique range of single malt whiskies to launch in the US, but more will follow, including US exclusives, in the next few years.Created from carefully selected casks from distilleries across Islay, all whiskies from Port Askaig are truly ‘small-batch’ with as few as two, and no more than 40, casks used for each bottling. Port Askaig 110° Proof is a cask-strength whisky, bottled at 55% and matured in American oak. The expression is described as intense yet elegant, fresh and citrusy, and full of character that reflects the complex and beguiling nature of beautiful Islay Scotch whisky.

Islay whisky creates a myriad of styles, displaying light honey and sea spray flavours, as well as crashing waves of smoke and peat. These characters are essential to creating an exceptional Islay Scotch whisky and so, in order to maintain the authenticity of the Port Askaig liquid, the creators do not use chill filtering and no colouring is added.

Sam Filmus, President of the brand’s importer ImpEx Beverages, said, “Given the growing popularity of Islay whiskies, we are excited to be adding Port Askaig to the ImpEx portfolio of fine Scotches. Port Askaig has already gained widespread popularity outside of the United States among Islayphiles, due to its uniqueness, quality, and the devoted people behind the brand, and we’re thrilled that it’s now available in the U.S.”

Port Askaig 110° Proof will be available at all good Scotch whisky retailers from October 2017 at an RSP of $74.99.

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