Redemption Wheated Bourbon Review


By Father John Rayls

Rating: B+

Redemption Wheated Bourbon

Redemption Wheated Bourbon
(Credit: Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits)

“The release of our Redemption Wheated Bourbon represents the first in a series of limited production expressions that we will bring to market over the next few years,” said Tom Steffanci, President of Deustch Family Wine & Spirits, in a prepared statement. This Redemption Wheated Bourbon is four years old and bottled at 96 proof.

Wheated bourbons have been a hot category for years, so this new Redemption won’t be any enthusiast’s first rodeo with wheaters. However, this is a first in terms of the unique MGP mash bill with 51% corn, 45% winter wheat and 4% malted barley. This was one of several new whiskey recipes introduced by MGP in 2013. A four year old must come from one of the initial batches produced, and this Redemption release is the first known example from that stock.

It’s much more common to have a 20 to 30% wheat content in a bourbon although. Going higher usually means going all the way from wheated bourbon to wheat whiskey. If you wonder what that means, a higher wheat content tends to soften and sweeten the whiskey.

The Bourbon
The color is dark gold/copper with orange brass highlights. The legs are apparent, but very thin.  The nose is light cereal grain, oak, sage, some alcohol with no burn and complimentary vanilla.

On the palate, there is a very light mouthfeel with much tongue activation, most of it on the mid-mouth to the tip of the tongue. Also, it’s slightly hot.

The flavor is slightly sweet with cereal, oak, caramel and vanilla over some white pepper. After that, get ready for a big finish. It’s long, ,and it’s hot.  The experience jumps to the roof of the mouth without abandoning the tongue action. It’s all white pepper all the time, but it is enjoyable. This bourbon takes it right to the limit without going over the line. This is a sweet, softer bourbon on the palate with a kick-ass finish. As the company states, there is also a hint of smoked, spicy meats in this finish.

You might find an eerie similarity between bottles of Redemption and certain Bulleit Whiskey products. Bulleit parent company Diageo thought so and took them to court. However, you won’t confuse the flavor profile, not at all. Redemption Wheated Bourbon is an interesting experience and is worthy of both your time and money. I would definitely keep it on the shelf for cocktails.

The Price
The suggested retail is under $47.00, but it can be found for under $40.00.

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