The Lost Distillery Company Auchnagie Scotch Review


By Father John Rayls

Rating: B+

The Lost Distillery Company Auchnagie Vatted Malt

Lost Distillery Company Auchnagie
(Credit: The Lost Distillery Company)

The Lost Distillery Company has discovered a unique connection between lovers of history, lovers of scholarship and lovers of good scotch. In this installment of their line of vatted malt recreations of lost whiskies, they are exploring the historic Auchnagie Distillery, which was in operation for 100 years (1812-1911). It began as a simple farmhouse operation, and in time grew into one of the best international whisky producers of its day. It was later known as Tullymet, due to its location and numerous ownership changes (at least seven, a not uncommon story in the Scotch business, even today).

However, it was the water source that really put Auchnagie on the map. Loch Broom flowed past the distillery, and was naturally high in mineral content even after being filtered through peat moss and granite.  It apparently formed the foundation for making scotch whisky very mellow and flavorful.

The Scotch
The color in the Glencairn glass is of pale yellow or light gold. It reminds one of bales of straw in the barn loft after summer harvesting. To complete the image, the scotch is just slightly opaque. The legs are long and reluctant and thick and inviting. They are actually fun to sit and watch (if it wasn’t so much more fun drinking it!).

The nose is light and airy and filled with floral notes . There is also a presence of honey and fresh fruit.  It’s a medium nose that’s easily detected.

On the palate, Auchnagie Scotch feels light, in spite of a creamy mouthfeel. At 92 proof, it drinks slightly hot and that is a surprise. But it’s not an aggressive heat, but rather a warm, inviting and comforting one. It’s one that makes you think you need a more generous pour on the next round. There are notes of honey and fruit and light spice. It is primarily a mid-mouth experience that is very refreshing.  A medium to long finish eventually appears as the light spice turns to more of a peppery presence while asserting itself at the back of the mouth and even onto the lips.

This Scotch is never pushy and does not overstay its welcome. It does, however, leave you wanting more. I can not tell you how sad I was that I had such a small sample.

The Price
It should be available for under $70.00, but you may still need to special order it.

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