Barrell Bourbon Coming Out With Two New Batches


Popular independent bottler Barrell Craft Spirits, better known simply as “Barrell Bourbon,” has two new batches of whiskey coming out for the end of 2017: Barrell Rye Batch 002 and New Year’s Bourbon 2017.

This second installment in their Rye Whiskey line is a blend of 5 year old, 100% malted Rye distilled and aged in Poland (!!) in new oak barrels and a five year old MGP Rye. This year’s New Year’s Bourbon is also a second addition to a line, and this time around it is a blend drawing on stock from seven different distilleries from five states. Given that there aren’t any big whiskey makers in New York and Texas (the other three states were the expected Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee), this batch has the interesting twist of at least some micro-distillery whiskey going into the blend.

As usual, the two new releases are uncut, cask strength whiskeys.


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