Taconic Distillery Dutchess Private Reserve Bourbon Review

Millbrook Dutchess Private Reserve Bourbon

By Jake Emen Grade: A- The newly launched Millbrook Distillery — brand new, in fact, officially opened at the end of 2013 — aims at celebrating the rich history of the Hudson Valley in New York. Indeed, their Dutchess Private Reserve straight bourbon whiskey is named for Dutchess County, New York, and it’s made with natural spring water sourced from ...

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Best Rye Whiskeys For President’s Day

By Richard Thomas George Washington was a soldier, patriot, and statesman, but he was also an ambitious businessman, determined to break out of the failing business model of the Virginia tobacco planter and wring profit from his land holdings. Part of that effort was building a distillery on his Mount Vernon estate in the late 1790s, which at the time ...

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If It’s Legal, Is It Moonshine?

Moonshiners at work.

By Richard Thomas While illegal moonshining dominates the airwaves, it’s legal moonshine that has a growing presence on liquor store and bar shelves. Yet purists object to the very idea of any product made for retail sale being labeled “moonshine,” insisting that the term applies only to illegally made spirits. According to them, anything with taxes paid and calling itself ...

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