Congressman John Yarmuth Talks Bourbon

John Yarmuth

By Richard Thomas Bourbon and politics have mixed since the earliest days of the Republic. Practices like those of Ulysses S. Grant, holding court over a bourbon and cigar at Washington’s Willard Hotel, or Harry Truman and Sam Rayburn, shooting the breeze over bourbon, are part of the indelible personal side of the capital’s political history. With a backdrop like ...

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Part II: Q&A with Allison Patel

By Richard Thomas In this second part of our interview with the multi-tasking Allison Patel, The Whiskey Reviewer covers her French single malt Brenne, and her own personal tastes in whiskey. ~Return to Part I of this interview~ RT: Speaking of Brenne, you’ve had it up and running in the States for several months. How’s it doing? AP: It’s going ...

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Upgrading to the NEAT Glass

By S.D. Peters When tasting whiskey for my Whiskey Reviewer work, I had been using a snifter. Yet at its best, the snifter is only half a step up from a tumbler or shot glass, and only because its positives just outweigh its noticeable drawbacks. The now well-established Glencairn Glass is one option I have not yet had an opportunity ...

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Touring George Dickel

By Richard Thomas In my experience, scenic watercourses surrounded with leafy green trees are part of the setting at many a distillery tour, but the bucolic splendor of George Dickel’s Cascade Hollow is in a class of its own. Whether you approach the distillery from the north or south, the route winds its way down a little country road alongside ...

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