Dry Fly Port Finish Wheat Whiskey Review

Dry Fly 375ml Port Finish Wheat Whiskey

By Jake Emen Rating: B Dry Fly Distilling produces a wide line-up of whiskeys, spearheaded by its award-winning Washington Wheat Whiskey. They also offer a changing crop of specialty, small batch products as well, known as the Dry Fly Creel Collection. One of the latest examples was their Port Finish Wheat Whiskey, taking that highly regarded wheat whiskey off into ...

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Nick Searcy Talks Whiskey

Nick Searcy

By Richard Thomas Although observers with sharp eyes and long memories might recall his work in Fried Green Tomatoes, nowadays actor Nick Searcy is best known for his role as Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens’s boss, Art Mullen, on FX’s Justified.¬†That show has attracted a posse of diehard fans, in part for its potent infusion of Kentucky culture, including the prominence ...

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Liberty Distillery Railspur No. 1 White Whiskey Review

Railspur No. 1 White Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Located on Granville Island, Vancouver, Liberty Distillery is a newcomer to Canadian whiskey. The distillery opened its doors in November 2013, and released its first whiskey product only last month. Yet in doing so, Liberty Distillery created quite a novel expression in its Railspur No. 1, named for the Granville Island district. First, much of ...

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Barrel Rinsing: What Is It And Where Is It Going?

By Richard Thomas As rising demand continues to place the pinch on certain whiskey brands, drinkers should expect to see a wider application of the process known as barrel rinsing. Jim Beam Devil’s Cut was introduced using the barrel rinsing technique, and was the first known example of a major product using barrel rinse whiskey as part of its formula. ...

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Taconic Distillery Dutchess Private Reserve Bourbon Review

Millbrook Dutchess Private Reserve Bourbon

By Jake Emen Grade: A- The newly launched Millbrook Distillery — brand new, in fact, officially opened at the end of 2013 — aims at celebrating the rich history of the Hudson Valley in New York. Indeed, their Dutchess Private Reserve straight bourbon whiskey is named for Dutchess County, New York, and it’s made with natural spring water sourced from ...

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