Jimmy’s Year

Jimmy Russell

Jimmy Russell’s Diamond Anniversary Marks Change and Constancy At Wild Turkey By Richard Thomas The whiskey-soaked TV series Justified is often billed as a show where you can read a man by the bourbon he drinks. In the early seasons, bad-ass, white hat Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens is a Jim Beam man, whereas arch-outlaw Boyd Crowder asks for Wild Turkey. ...

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Close-Up On Hillbilly Stills

Hillbilly Stills

By Richard Thomas The American craft whiskey boom and the widening interest in home distilling has created a demand for stills and other distillation items on a scale that simply did not exist 15 years ago, leaving established copperworks shops such as the famed Vendome of Louisville, Kentucky with waiting lists stretching out more than a year. A crop of ...

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Garrison Brothers Spring 2014 Vintage Bourbon Review

Garrison Brothers Spring 2014

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ The craft whiskey boom in the United States seems to have brought distilling to nearly all of the 50 states, but only a few are seriously vying for the number three slot following Kentucky and Tennessee. Texas is one of the contenders, and with micro-distilleries like Garrison Brothers it’s not hard to see why. Based ...

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