The World’s Most Expensive Whiskies

Macallan Millennium 50 YO

Ten Bottles That Are Worth More Than Your Car By Richard Thomas We often say at The Whiskey Reviewer that one of the objective strong points for American whiskey is that it’s usually as good as Scotch whisky, and often much cheaper as well. That said, a combination of climate and long decades of international primacy have endowed Scotch with ...

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Inside Making Bourbon Barrel Furniture


How Kywhiskeybarrelgoods Went From Welding To Barrel Furniture-Making By Richard Thomas The bourbon boom has brought with it more than just sales of bottles filled with amber liquor made by the giants of the whiskey trade, even beyond the burgeoning micro-distillery movement. For example, the micro-distillers have stimulated the emergence of several new still-makers, as well as those engaged in ...

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George Dickel 17 Year Old Tennessee Whiskey Review

George Dickel 17 Year Old

By Father John Rayls Rating: B+ George Dickel strongly desired a smooth whisky experience, and believed wintertime distilling helped to provide that result. It’s also why the modern George Dickel Distillery added the extra step of chilling the new make whisky before sending it onto the Lincoln County Process. This distinguishes Dickel from their larger rivals in Tennessee Whiskey, Jack ...

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How Does The New Norlan Glass Compare?

Norlan Whisky Glass comparison

Side-By-Side Whiskey Glass Comparison: Norlan vs. Glencairn vs. Snifter By Richard Thomas Part of the world craze for all things whisk(e)y is a parallel boom in stuff, including stones, ice molds, and especially glassware. Twenty years ago, the classic snifter was good enough for enthusiasts, but it was supplanted after 2001 to a large extent by the Glencairn, and now ...

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