Highland Park ICE Scotch Review

Highland Park ICE 17 YO single malt

By Richard Thomas Rating: A- Highland Park’s Valhalla Collection, a line of celebrated-if-pricey single malts celebrating the Viking heritage of the distillery’s Okrney homeplace, proved quite the splash. This year Highland Park is following that success up with a “Fire and Ice” (or Surtur and Ymir, take your pick Thor fans) themed pairing of limited (but large) releases, starting with ICE. ICE ...

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Busting Tennessee Whiskey Myths

Jack Daniel's

The Top 5 For Myths And Misinformation About Volunteer State Whiskey By Richard Thomas Given that it’s an American icon and the second-best selling whiskey in the world, that Jack Daniels’ lies at the heart of so many of the classic bar counter debates shouldn’t surprise anyone. It can even be said that, once you exclude Scotch vs. Bourbon, Jack ...

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Types Of Barrels

Woodford Reserve Barrels

By Richard Thomas Only a few years ago, a controversy raged in American whiskey circles about the use of small barrels in the craft whiskey sector. A big part of why the issue caught on among bourbon enthusiasts for a time is because, until the craft distilling movement started, the 53 gallon American Standard Barrel (ASB) was the beginning and ...

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The Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask Scotch Review

The Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask

By Father John Rayls Rating: B+ The Balvenie Caribbean Cask Aged 14 Years Scotch has been a very popular offering, and has been reviewed, tested, sampled and consumed by about everyone that could spell the word “Scotch.” Volumes have been written in untold numbers, exploring every nuance of the whisky. My attempt at a review reminds me of Bette Midler’s ...

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Jessica Jones: Soaked In Whiskey

Jessica Jones takes a swig of Heaven Hill

By Richard Thomas Last month I finally got the opportunity to catch up with the Netflix and Marvel superhero show Jessica Jones, thereby feeding my superhero entertainment craving. Much to my surprise and amusement, I discovered the show is literally soaked in whiskey. Jessica Jones is the dark and stylish interpretation of the Marvel comic character, a minor superhero turned ...

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