Whiskey Shortage Report 2015

Empty liquor shelves

Putting Last Year’s Shortage Scare Stories Under The Microscope By Richard Thomas The previous year’s most consistent whiskey storyline was the “whiskey shortage,” spawning a plethora of articles in the whiskey press and the larger mainstream media, running right up to the last days of 2015. Tales of rapidly evaporating stocks of Scotch and bourbon have been a staple of ...

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The Biggest Rye Whiskey Myths

Pie, bourbon and rye

Debunking The Five Major Myths About Rye Whiskey By Richard Thomas The explosive growth of rye whiskey has drawn more interest in the spirit than it has enjoyed at any time since before Prohibition, but unfortunately all that interest has not wiped away some of the ignorance attached to good, old fashioned rye. Worse, some of the myths that date ...

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Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon Review (2015)

Garrison Brothers 2nd Cowboy Bourbon

By Richard Thomas Rating: A- The Hye, Texas-based Garrison Brothers Distillery has certainly earned its place at the forefront of the American craft whiskey movement. Part of that stature is its status as one of the oldest small whiskey distilleries in America and the oldest in the Lone Star State, predating even the more ballyhooed Balcones. The other part is ...

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Touring Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey stillhouse

By Richard Thomas Wherever they happen to be found around the world, distilleries come in two broad categories: the pretty ones and the factories. Not everything fits tidily into those two baskets; Buffalo Trace is certainly a factory, but it’s antique character and location on the Kentucky riverfront make it an attractive factory indeed. Lawrenceburg, Kentucky’s Austin Nichols Distiller, aka ...

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The Balvenie Commission Highlights Craftsmanship

Balvenie malt turning

The Balvenie is no stranger to craftsmanship and artisan practices, as the only working distillery today that grows its own barley, processes it using old fashioned floor maltings, and keeps its own coppersmiths and coopers on site to tend to the stills and casks. Master Blender David Stewart, a five decade industry veteran, pioneered the barrel finish in the 1980s, ...

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