Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof Tennessee Whiskey Review (2016)

Jack Daniels' Barrel Prof Single Barrel

By Father John Rayls Rating: A Everyone is familiar with Jack Daniel’s and Tennessee Whiskey, as they are the world’s second-best selling whiskey. We’ve seen it repeatedly in the movies, on TV, heard innumerable songs about it, and know it immediately when we see the bottle. The JD logo is probably as recognizable as Charlie Chaplain, and we know of ...

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Scorching Summer American Whiskey Releases

By Richard Thomas Autumn is generally thought of as the most important time of year for whiskey releases, with all the hotly anticipated annuals from Heaven Hill, Four Roses and Buffalo Trace coming out in a window just a couple of months wide. Summer, on the other hand, is often associated with the doldrums of the annual summer shutdown, when ...

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How To Annoy Scotch Snobs

By Richard Thomas If you are a whisk(e)y enthusiast of any stripe, and have been for any substantial length of time, you’ve already encountered at least one Scotch snob. Perhaps it was virtually, in a whisky forum, or perhaps it was in the flesh at a bar or a convention. However it happened, you already know, dear reader, exactly what ...

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Teeling Spirit of Dublin Poitin Review (2016)

Teeling Spirit of Dublin Poitin

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ Few distillery openings in modern times have been as anticipated as that of Teeling Whiskey Company, roughly a year ago in Dublin, Ireland. That anticipation was both a mark of the success of Teeling’s marketing as a sourced whiskey brand in the years prior, and as the landmark opening of the first new whiskey distillery ...

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The (New) Old Guard Of American Whiskey

By Richard Thomas The last few years has seen a changing of the guard in the American whiskey industry, as a handful of senior figures have retired or passed away. In an industry where a master distiller might measure his tenure in terms of twenty or thirty years, that implied transition is a big deal. However, it is best to ...

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