Spending The Holidays At A Distillery

Angel's Envy tasting room

By Richard Thomas A distillery is in essence a booze-making factory, and like blue-collar industrial enterprises everywhere, they often close on the Holidays if not for the duration of the Holidays. Yet as tourism has become a larger part of the business of many distilleries, this isn’t quite as true as it used to be. The distillery itself might not ...

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Entrapment 25 Year Old Canadian Whisky Review

Entrapment 25 Year Old

By Father John Rayls Rating: A- There are many opinions about Orphan Barrel whiskeys, ranging from love and devotion to cynicism and avoidance. For myself, having found several sourced whiskies that I thoroughly enjoy, I remain open-minded concerning the Diageo’s Orphan Barrel releases.  While I’m skeptical about the stories of suddenly rediscovering barrels that are 12 to 25 years old ...

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Whisky-Making In Mainland Australia

By Richard Thomas When Australian whisky became famous, it was really whisky from a single region that got the attention: Tasmania. This is because Australia’s big whisky breakout was led by Sullivan’s Cove, when they won Best Single Malt at the 2014 Word Whisky Awards. Most of the other Australian distilleries that had attracted wider, global attention at the time ...

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