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Two Stars Kentucky Bourbon Review

Two Stars Bourbon

By Father John Rayls Rating: B Two Stars Kentucky Straight Bourbon seems like an unfortunate name, what with it’s two out of five, mediocre connotation. However, has nothing to do with a star-rating and is instead named after the flag of Louisville, Kentucky. If that doesn’t persuade you, know that it was made at Sazerac’s other Kentucky distillery, Barton 1792. ...

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Heritage Distilling Company Dual Barrel Rye Whiskey

HDC Dual Barrel Rye

By Father John Rayls Rating: B- Heritage Distilling Company (HDC), a craft distillery based in Gig Harbor, Washington, has won many awards since starting work in 2012. In fact, HDC is the American Distilling Institute’s most award-bedecked craft distillery in North America four years in a row now, from 2014 to today. And, for a trendy women in whiskey twist, HDC ...

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