Whiskey Reviews


Phony Jack Daniel’s Fatally Poisons 8 Russians

By Richard Thomas An online fake whiskey scam has led to several deaths and further injuries in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. The victims apparently ...

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One Scottish Distillery Gets Funded, Another Might See Expansion Scuppered

The Three Stills Company announced late last week they had secured £10m in funding to open a distillery in Harwick, in the Scottish Borders region. ...

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India Gets More Imported Whiskeys

With a big population and plenty of disposable income, America is the world’s most lucrative whiskey market, but it is also very old news. China ...

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Maker’s Mark Starts Up New Still

By Richard Thomas After substantial delay, Maker’s Mark has installed and started up their third still, expanding spirit production capacity by 50%. The new still ...

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