Touring George Dickel

By Richard Thomas In my experience, scenic watercourses surrounded with leafy green trees are part of the setting at many a distillery tour, but the bucolic splendor of George Dickel’s Cascade Hollow is in a class of its own. Whether you approach the distillery from the north or south, the route winds its way down a little country road alongside ...

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Touring The Barrel House Distillery

Moonshine straight from the still

By Richard Thomas When I went to explore the ruins of the Old Pepper Distillery on Manchester Street in Lexington, Kentucky, I was both pleased and surprised to discover that someone had opened a micro-distillery in what had been Old Pepper’s barrel house, appropriately named The Barrel House. Located only a few minutes drive from the Town Branch Distillery and ...

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Surviving Remnants of Lexington’s Bourbon Industry

Old Pepper Distillery in Lexington, KY

By Richard Thomas When Lyons Spirits built a distillery and started making Town Branch Bourbon and Pearse Lyons Reserve, they reintroduced bourbon-making to Lexington, Kentucky after an absence of more than five decades. Until that time, the most visible sign that Lexington was a whiskey-making town had been the old James E. Pepper plant on Manchester Street, Lexington’s last working ...

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Touring the Buffalo Trace Distillery

Buffalo Trace Warehouse and Water Tower

By Richard Thomas Buffalo Trace has built up an impressive reputation for crafting a wide, deep line of premium American whiskeys, as well as for its willingness to experiment with new whiskey-making techniques. That reputation has made the distillery’s Frankfort, Kentucky facility a fixture on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, a must-see for any serious fan of Kentucky bourbon. The distillery ...

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