Touring Scapa Distillery

Scapa Distillery

By Richard Thomas Even before Publius Aelius Hadrianus, better known simply as Hadrian, decided to keep his legionaries busy by erecting a wall clear across the neck of Britain, Scotland has been synonymous with “remote.” Much of it became less so over time, first as the mainstream of Europe shifted north and then with unification with England, but even today ...

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Touring The Glenlivet

The Glenlivet Distillery

By Richard Thomas Diehard whisky fans aren’t the only people who find themselves enjoying a vacation in the Speyside region, located as it is between Aberdeen and Inverness. The area is a gorgeous example of the Scottish landscape, one that includes Cairngorms National Park. Yet it’s hard to imagine visiting Speyside without seeing a distillery or two, and therein lies ...

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Touring Strathisla


By Richard Thomas As Scotch fans fixate so heavily on age, then Scotch tourism should gravitate squarely to Strathisla, the oldest continuously operating distillery in Scotland. Founded in 1786 and originally known as Milltown, the distillery oozes antiquity and is the “spiritual home” of the Chivas Brothers and a foundation distillery for their blends. Although situated on the banks of ...

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Touring Tullamore DEW

Tullamore DEW VIsitors Center

By Richard Thomas Perhaps most symbolic of the modern revival of the Irish whiskey scene was the return of Tullamore DEW to is namesake town. Heralding the opening of the spanking new distillery last year was the 2012 opening of the Tullamore DEW Visitors Center. Go To The Museum, Not The Distillery Keep in mind that split between the distillery, ...

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Touring Kilbeggan


By Richard Thomas Rising hand-in-glove with the popularity of whiskey is whiskey tourism, and Ireland is no exception. Yet as new destinations sprout up on the Emerald Isle’s whiskey trail, one of its must-see fixtures will remain Kilbeggan. It’s not the seat of any of today’s famous brand. Indeed, the whiskey now in a typical bottle of Kilbeggan whiskey comes ...

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