How Does The New Norlan Glass Compare?

Norlan Whisky Glass comparison

Side-By-Side Whiskey Glass Comparison: Norlan vs. Glencairn vs. Snifter By Richard Thomas Part of the world craze for all things whisk(e)y is a parallel boom in stuff, including stones, ice molds, and especially glassware. Twenty years ago, the classic snifter was good enough for enthusiasts, but it was supplanted after 2001 to a large extent by the Glencairn, and now ...

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Flaviar: Spirits Of The Month


By Richard Thomas Twenty years ago, if you were a genuinely devoted fan of a particular type of whiskey—Scotch, Irish, bourbon, what have you—you could acquaint yourself with most offerings in your field of choice in just a few years. One of the points of evidence that so undermines the shortage claims is how much this has changed: there are ...

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Intoxicating New Whiskey Glasses

Norlan Whisky Glass

By Richard Thomas Perhaps because I can date my first interest in good spirits back to a time when double and triple malts might have become a fad and Blanton’s was a new and novel product, I’m of two minds about whiskey glassware. Mindful that in the days of my youth, Kentucky’s master distillers would often call on each other ...

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Book Review: Fire Water

By Richard Thomas Given that one of Corsair Distillery’s principal claims to fame is its Triple Smoke Whiskey, it’s not surprising that one of co-founder Darek Bell’s books on craft whiskey-making would be about smoking it up. In Fire Water, Bell has penned a guide on the methods and materials of smoking grain for making whiskey, and in essence recounts ...

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