Close-Up On Confederate Stills of Alabama

Cypress fermentation vat

By Richard Thomas One of the problems confronting early entrants into the American micro-distilling boom was finding someone to build a copper still to suit their needs. In just one example, the Barrel House Distillery in Lexington, Kentucky told me that when they opened in 2008, they had to go to the Hoga Company in Portugal to find what they ...

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Whiskonsin Whiskey Mustard Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ Part of the whiskey boom is the way whiskey is finding its way into all sorts of products, and while “Jack Daniels in everything” might dominate your supermarket shelves, the better examples of whiskey in food are more usually found in more niche-oriented shops. One of those better examples comes from Milwaukee Mustard Co. In ...

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Book Review: “Cornbread Mafia”

By Richard Thomas Technically, James Higdon’s The Cornbread Mafia is about pot-farming in Central Kentucky, and not about whiskey-making. Even so, the history of whiskey-making in Marion County is heavily interwoven into the story. In a different venue, I endorsed Higdon’s book as a must-read for any lover of True Crime or recent Kentucky history. From a bourbon-lover’s point of ...

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Book Review: “Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey”

By Richard Thomas Released earlier this year to much fanfare, Michael Veach’s Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey is exactly what bourbon drinkers who are also readers have been thirsting for for at least twenty years now: a narrative history of Kentucky’s bourbon industry, produced by a regular publisher and written in modern times. As such, the book deserves all the attention it ...

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Upgrading to the NEAT Glass

By S.D. Peters When tasting whiskey for my Whiskey Reviewer work, I had been using a snifter. Yet at its best, the snifter is only half a step up from a tumbler or shot glass, and only because its positives just outweigh its noticeable drawbacks. The now well-established Glencairn Glass is one option I have not yet had an opportunity ...

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