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Pairing Tea and Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Tea and whiskey were meant to be brought together. Both tea and whiskey are key traditional drinks of the British Isles, so mixing them is merely the next logical step. Even the cheapest tea usually has a light enough flavor to allow the whiskey to shine, something that cannot be said of coffee, and both drinks have ...

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Bourbon Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Bourbon pumpkin pie

By Richard Thomas When beer-makers started introducing bourbon pumpkin spice ale several years ago, I was ecstatic, combining as it did three of my favorite things: dark beer, bourbon whiskey and the flavor of pumpkin pie. The idea of making a bourbon-flavored pumpkin pie didn’t occur to me at that time, because like most Americans I bought my pumpkin pies ...

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Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ Aging beer in old whiskey barrels has become a popular way to create a new and more lively beer, and old bourbon barrels are arguably the most popular choice, especially in the United States. A particularly good example of the bourbon beer trend is Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale is one of ...

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Bourbon Pork Chili Recipe

Bourbon pork chili

By Richard Thomas Bourbon pork chili is an idea I came up with for October and November chili parties, born of the need to come up with variations on old fashioned chili con carne. My recipe is a variant of the Cincinnati-style chili recipe my Mother taught me, and the differences stem from three ideas: Turkey chili is common enough, ...

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Bourbon Marinade Recipe for Pork

By Richard Thomas With its combination of sweetness and charred smokiness, bourbon was made for pork. That should come as no surprise to any student of Southern culture, since pork was the staple meat Old South. Think about southern hams, southern sausages and the barbecue of North Carolina and Tennessee, or the myriad recipes for pork-flavored soups and stewed greens. ...

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