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Bourbon Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Bourbon Pumpkin Bread

By Richard Thomas Bourbon’s sweet character and vanilla notes make a natural companion for the pumpkin spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, and I’ve already explored bourbon pumpkin pie for this web magazine. Another way to go is bourbon pumpkin bread, although if we were being honest about pumpkin bread it would be better to call it “pumpkin cake.” All ...

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Tennent’s Whisky Oak-Aged Beer Review

Tennent's Whisky Beer

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- Although aging beer in old whiskey barrels caught on in the United States at least a decade ago, the idea has been slow to make its way elsewhere. Indeed, over in Scotland they were aging whisky in beer barrels before they were aging beer in whisky barrels, but that is starting to change now. One such ...

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Whisky With Indian Food Pairings

Tandoori Chicken

By Richard Thomas Indian cuisine ranks right behind, or perhaps has parity with, domestic staples such as roasts and the “Full English” in British dining, while one of the fixtures The Raj left in India is a love for a good Scotch (or the locally made equivalent). From a base like that, the notion of pairing curry with whisky seems ...

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