Grant’s Stand Fast Scotch Whiskey Review

By Kurt Maitland Average Rating: B+ Recently I had the pleasure of meeting with Grant’s Global Ambassador, Ludovic Ducrocq. We talked about a range of topics from the qualities of Japanese whiskeys to the joys of jetlag, but the real reason we got together was to discuss the recreation of Grant’s 1912 Stand Fast Whisky. Well actually it was a ...

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Warenghem Armorik Double Maturation Whiskey Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ Part of having a whiskey tradition is having a region or regions where the bulk of whiskey-making takes place. Britain might have English and Welsh whiskey, but Scotland is where it’s at. Whiskey making the United States has spread to almost all of the 50 states in recent times, but Kentucky and Tennessee are still ...

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Jack Daniel’s Chocolate Bar Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: B- Based on my observations alone, I believe no other whiskey-maker licenses their name to anything like the extent that Jack Daniel’s does. At the supermarket alone, their name could appear in at least three different aisles, a testament to just how far the company licenses its brand. Thus Jack Daniel’s is into candy, such as ...

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Teeling Irish Whiskey Review

Teeling Irish Whiskey

Updated March 14, 2016 By Richard Thomas Average Rating: B- Irish whiskey is the narrowest of the traditional whiskey regions, and one of the narrowest in general. Until recently, almost all whiskey production in Ireland was limited to just three distilleries: New Midleton (Jameson, etc.); Cooley; Old Bushmills. Once upon a time, all of Ireland’s many whiskey brands were either ...

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