Bourbon Whiskey

Buffalo Trace Earns Patent Pending For Sour Mash Process

Many years ago the “old timers” at Buffalo Trace Distillery gathered together and discussed the process for making Old Fashioned Sour Mash whiskey, which differs from the traditional bourbon production method as the mash sours naturally before fermenting. In April 2002, Buffalo Trace decided to recreate this process, and bottled the bourbon nine years later as part of the inaugural ...

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The Best Whiskeys Sourced From MGP

Metze's Select

By Richard Thomas For a few years now, the letters “MGP” have been synonymous with sourced whiskey. Although first driven to prominence because of the proliferation of brands using MGP’s stock of 95% rye, 5% malted barley whiskey, most seeking to exploit the Rye Craze of earlier in the decade, MGP has also furnished plenty of bourbon and other types ...

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Wyoming Whiskey Releases Eclipse 2017 Special

Wyoming Whiskey is releasing its Eclipse Edition Small Batch Bourbon this June 15th. Available exclusively in Wyoming, this special release celebrates the full solar eclipse which traverses the state this August 21. “The eclipse will scribe its shadow across Wyoming beginning in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park and totally darken Lander, Thermopolis, and Casper as it creeps to ...

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Redemption Rye Releasing A High Wheater Bourbon

Redemption Whiskey is expanding its portfolio with its first Wheated Bourbon, debuting this month. Owned by Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, Redemption Whiskey has heretofore been known for producing sourced rye whiskey and bourbon with high rye content. Continuing in that tradition, Redemption has released another true expression of grain; the limited-edition Redemption Wheated Bourbon ($45.99 SRP) featuring a high ...

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