Rye Whiskey

Book Review: Gentlemen Bootleggers

By Richard Thomas When Templeton Rye launched its product several years ago, they accompanied it with a marketing campaign full of tales of Prohibition-era bootlegging and Al Capone. The company soon got itself into trouble in whiskey circles for its misleading claims of making a rye based on Iowa bootlegging recipes, when it was in fact bottling LDI’s 95% rye. ...

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Buffalo Trace To Release Warehouse K Rye Experiment

What happens when you age the exact same bourbon, for the same length of time, but on different warehouse floors?  Does the altitude make a difference? Buffalo Trace Distillery attempts to find out in its latest experiment. The Warehouse Floors Experiment was started in 2001, when Buffalo Trace’s Rye Mash recipe #1 was put into barrels and then aged on ...

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Wigle Small Cask Deep Cut Rye Whiskey Review (April 2014)

Wigle Deep Cut Rye

By Richard Thomas Rating: C Pittsburgh’s popular Wigle Distillery made more of their Deep Cut Rye as part of their Tax Day release (appropriately enough, since the distillery is named for a Whiskey Rebellion figure). This April 2014 installation of the Monogahela Small Cask Series rye whiskey is made from an all-organic mashbill, aged for at least twelve months and ...

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Catoctin Creek To Launch Stronger Roundstone Rye

Beginning in May, Catoctin Creek has announced that it will release a new higher-proof expression of Roundstone Rye at 92 proof. Unlike the cask proof variant which is released only a few times per year, Roundstone Rye 92 will be a new regular offering from the celebrated Purcellville distillery. “The release of a premium, 92-proof version of their award-winning 80-proof ...

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