Rye Whiskey

Chocolate Rye Whiskey Cookie Recipe

By Richard Thomas With colder weather coming, many kitchens are turning to filling sweet treats and desserts. My own kitchen is no exception, and the other day I thought about how I had plenty of recipes for such tasty morsels using bourbon whiskey, but none calling for rye. I set out to find something to adapt to my purpose, and ...

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Catoctin Creek Releases Oldest Whiskey Yet

Catoctin Creek announced the release of its oldest whiskey to date on Monday, October 19:  Rabble Rouser 4 year old Straight Rye Whiskey. The new rye is distilled from a 100% rye mashbill, and like the other whiskeys from Catoctin Creek, Rabble Rouser is a single barrel release. The Rabble Rouser differs from its cousin, Roundstone Rye, in that it ...

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WhistlePig Opens New Distillery, Goes Grain To Glass

WhistlePig announced the official, operational opening of its distillery on Wednesday, October 14. Located in a converted century old barn on the WhistlePig Farm in Shoreham, Vermont, the distillery will make WhistlePig one of the few American whiskey companies to base the entire whiskey-making process in one place, from harvesting rye in the fields to distilling, barreling, aging, and bottling ...

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