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Bedtime Bourbon Review

Bedtime Bourbon

By Randall H. Borkus Rating: B The Louisville Bourbon Transit Company, Inc. is one of the newest and smallest bottlers, or non-distilling producers (NDP), of bourbon in Kentucky, and was founded by three passionate bourbon loving Kentuckians, Scott Richer, Carla Jacob and Joel Jake. Carla, Joel and Scott have been friends for over 15 years, and Scott shared with me ...

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Tipperary Watershed Irish Single Malt Whiskey Review

Tipperary Watershed Irish Whiskey

By Father John Rayls Rating: A- Tipperary Boutique Selection Watershed Single Malt Irish Whiskey is, for now, a sourced and limited release whiskey. Each batch is taken from six first-fill Bourbon barrels and bottled at 94 proof (47% ABV), personally supervised by Stuart Nickerson, the Malt Master. The water used to cut the whiskey is taken from the Ballindoney Farm ...

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Chicken Cock 8 Year Old Bourbon Review

Chicken Cock 8 Year Old Bourbon

Updated December 1, 2017 By Richard Thomas Rating: B Chicken Cock is one of the oldest brand names in Bourbon history, established before the Civil War in the county seat of none other than Bourbon County itself, Paris. Nowadays, only Hartfield and Co. hang their hat there and Chicken Cock is a sourced brand, relaunched in 2013 and owned by ...

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Flaming Pig Black Cask Irish Whiskey Review

Flaming Pig Irish Whiskey

By Emma Briones Rating: C Flaming Pig is the brainchild of Irish entrepreneurs Joey Shore and Flor Prendergast. Under the name of Malone’s Whiskey Co., they’ve launched a whiskey, Flaming Pig Black Cask, and a whiskey liqueur, Flaming Pig Spiced Irish. Flaming Pig Black Cask is a small batch blend of single grain and single malt Irish whiskey aged from ...

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