Camille Crimson Talks Scotch


Q&A with Scotch-Loving Erotic Model Camille Crimson

By Richard Thomas

Camille Crimson

Camille Crimson, Erotic Model and Scotch Lover
(Credit: Camille Crimson)

As you may have heard, fine old Scotch isn’t just for the boys anymore. The Whiskey Reviewer was fortunate enough to recently speak with Montreal’s “geeky redhead,” erotic model and web¬†entrepreneur Camille Crimson, who in addition to making videos and loving her guitar, motorcycles, and zombie movies, is also partial to a good dram of single malt.

RT: How did you get into Scotch? Did someone introduce you, or did you stumble over it by chance?

CC: My boyfriend Mike introduced me to Scotch a while back. It was a Lagavulin, which is still one of my absolute favourites today. It clicked immediately. As someone who is fairly bold and adventurous, something this strong and nuanced is exactly my kind of drink.

RT: You’re Quebecois, and yet your main whiskey love is Scotch. I know plenty of Canadians love their Scotch, but is there something lacking in Canada’s own whiskey?

CC: No, there’s nothing lacking in Canadian whiskeys by any means. They’re just not the same, and that’s totally okay. I have a very narrow taste for Scotches: they have to come from Islay. Islay Scotches are much more smokey, which is definitely what I prefer.

Bowmore 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch

Bowmore 18 Year Old
(Credit: Bowmore)

RT: I’ve seen that your favorite is Bowmore 18 Year Old. What do you like about it?

CC: It’s rich, smokey and equilibrated. There’s a nice balance in it and that’s exactly what I want in a Scotch. Nothing feels overpowering and it all works together.

RT: Do you have any other favorite whiskey picks?

CC: Yes, I love the Lagavulin, Island Park, Oban, Ardbeg. Pretty much anything that comes from Islay. So, I’m sticking with Scotches specifically.

I’ve also discovered a pretty great Scotch with a good price to taste ratio recently called the McClelland’s. An Islay Scotch under $40 is pretty rare these days in Canada. Americans seem to have better prices in general. Of course, it’s nice to have expensive tastes, but it’s also good to have something more moderately priced on hand.

RT: How do people respond when you sit down at the bar and order a single malt? Does it raise any eyebrows or attract interest with the guys? Girls?

CC: Nothing really happens. It’s a given when you go in an Irish bar and you’re a redhead. There are certainly a lot of people who find it sexy. It’s a sophisticated drink and it conjures up images of a strong woman, so I can see why people like the image of a woman drinking a single malt.

RT: What would you tell another woman about the virtues of Scotch? If you were trying to turn a girlfriend onto Scotch, what would you recommend as a starter?

CC: I guess I would say that having an expensive Scotch with no ice would attract rich and classy man, if she’s into that. But does it need to have virtues? It tastes good and gets the job done.

As for a starter, I would suggest a glass of water and 2 Scotches. One smokey and one more smooth. Like a Lagavulin and a Macallan. That’s a fairly strong contrast and she’ll be able to decide which flavor profile she’d rather stick to.

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  1. I’d like to buy her a nice Bowmore. Definitely.

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