Q&A with Alexa Varga


The WR talks with the G Whisky No. 1 Model

By Richard Thomas

Some drinkers found the G Spirits line of “model-finished” liquor enticing, while others had exactly the opposite reaction, but one thing is for sure: a product like G Whisky No. 1 attracts attention as much for its frontwoman as for the cask-strength single malt that goes into it. In this instance, that frontwoman was two-time Playmate Alexa Varga, and The Whiskey Reviewer was lucky enough to catch up with the celebrated Hungarian glamor model and ask her about her whiskey-making experience.

RT: What did you think when you were contacted about the G-Spirits job, and learned what G-Spirits wanted you to do?

AV: First, I was surprised.. I’ve had highly diverse shootings before, but I think that was the strangest one.. But I wasn’t scared because I heard that the G-Spirits team is very professional and their products are ordinaire..

RT: You aren’t a whiskey-drinker yourself, so what was it like having all that single cask scotch poured over you?

AV: Even if whiskey is not my favorite, so as you said I’m not a “whiskey drinker”, I like it, and I didn’t have problem with it. Honestly it wasn’t a nice feeling, but not because of [the] whiskey. It was sooo cold, and it took about half an hour. But I’ve had much more difficult shooting before. It was a good fun.

Alexa Vargas of GSpirits

Alexa and the Alexa-finished Scotch
(Credit: GSpirits)

RT: Have you been at a nightclub or party and actually seen people drinking your G-Whisky No. 1?

AV: G-Whisky No. 1 is an extraordinary, limited product. I think people who drink it,¬† they mostly consume it at home, so I didn’t see it in a nightclub.

RT: As a two-time Playmate, you’re a famous model in Central Europe. Are you booked for many whiskey-related events, such as the big Johnnie Walker or Jamesons parties? If so, what do you think of them?

AV: I was at Chivas Luxury parties few times. I have very good memories from them. This is a very elegant event. The location was beautiful and there was a charity auction and a fashion show also, so it’s fashionable and traditionary¬† at the same time..I think the image of this event is totally the same what Playboy represents. “Enjoy life in a high level,” the message would sound something like this.

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