Four Kings Rye Whiskey Available Now


By Richard Thomas

Four Kings Rye

Four Kings Rye
(Credit: Mississippi River Distilling)

Late yesterday saw the release of the new collaborative craft whiskey, Four Kings Rye. Drawing on equal measures of rye whiskey from Corsair Artisan Distilling (KY and TN), Few Spirits (IL), Journeyman Distilling (MI) and Mississippi River Distilling (IA), the blended Four Kings Rye is limited to a production run of just 700 bottles. The whiskey used was the standard rye for each distillery, with the exception of two batches of experimental rye from Corsair.

The original collaborative effort from these four distilleries, April 2014’s Four Kings Bourbon, was a huge success, drawing substantial attention from American whiskey enthusiasts. According to Ryan Burchett at Mississippi River Distilling, Four Kings Bourbon sold out in “just a few days.”

Four Kings Rye Whiskey is available through Binny’s and a small handful of retailers in the Chicago area, and is priced at $49.99.

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