Redbreast Lustau Irish Whiskey Review

Redbreast Lustau

By Richard Thomas Rating: B Just as Jameson is priming the pump of the Irish whiskey resurgence (Jameson accounts for 78% of all Irish whiskey sales in the U.S.), stablemate Redbreast is carrying the standard for the revival of single pot still whiskey. Within that category, sherry cask aged whiskeys play a key role. Stock drawn from sherry butts are ...

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Countries That Drink The Most Bourbon

The Top 10 Importers of Bourbon Whiskey Around The World By Richard Thomas The most important difference between America and the other traditional whiskey-making nations—Canada, Japan, Ireland and Scotland—is that America has a huge domestic market for its whiskeys. Indeed, the American market for whiskey is so deep that it can both consume several times more of its own whiskeys ...

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Diageo’s Wild Ride?

Diageo's Crown Royal plant in Alberta, Canada

Observers Were Shocked When Diageo Closed Masters Of Whisky. They Shouldn’t Have Been. By Kurt Maitland and Richard Thomas In the world of spirits, none is bigger than Diageo. This London-based beverage company owns Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Guinness, and Bailey’s, thus leading the markets for vodka, blended Scotch whisky, stout and liqueurs. On top of that, the company owns some ...

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The World’s Most Expensive Whiskies

Macallan Millennium 50 YO

Ten Bottles That Are Worth More Than Your Car By Richard Thomas We often say at The Whiskey Reviewer that one of the objective strong points for American whiskey is that it’s usually as good as Scotch whisky, and often much cheaper as well. That said, a combination of climate and long decades of international primacy have endowed Scotch with ...

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