Part II: Q&A with Allison Patel

By Richard Thomas In this second part of our interview with the multi-tasking Allison Patel, The Whiskey Reviewer covers her French single malt Brenne, and her own personal tastes in whiskey. ~Return to Part I of this interview~ RT: Speaking of Brenne, you’ve had it up and running in the States for several months. How’s it doing? AP: It’s going ...

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Q&A with Alexa Varga

The WR talks with the G Whisky No. 1 Model By Richard Thomas Some drinkers found the G Spirits line of “model-finished” liquor enticing, while others had exactly the opposite reaction, but one thing is for sure: a product like G Whisky No. 1 attracts attention as much for its frontwoman as for the cask-strength single malt that goes into ...

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Author Mathew Lively Talks Bourbon

Mathew Lively

By Richard Thomas In his recent book Calamity at Chancellorsville: The Wounding and Death of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson, Dr. Mathew Lively was able to bring his profession and his lifelong personal interests together under the same cover. A Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at West Virginia University, Lively is also a lifelong student of the Civil War and ...

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Q&A with John Glaser of Compass Box

An Interview with Compass Box Founder John Glaser By Richard Thomas Among the many small companies that have sprung up as part of the worldwide whiskey boom, few have carved out the reputation of John Glaser’s Compass Box, while Glaser himself is arguably the leading figure in modern artisanal Scotch blending and vatting. The Whiskey Reviewer was lucky enough to ...

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