Q&A with Ranger Creek

Ranger Creek's Still

Interview with Mark McDavid of Ranger Creek Distillery, San Antonio, Texas By Richard Thomas Micro-distilling has spread like wildfire in recent years, and craft brewing is already a fixture in America, but very few companies combine them. One such outfit that produces both beer and whiskey under one roof, sometimes called a “brewstillery,” is San Antonio’s Ranger Creek, who have ...

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Shamron Moore Talks Scotch

By Richard Thomas As the meme goes, whiskey isn’t just for boys anymore. In my mind, the thing that makes “whiskey for girls” more than just a fad is not necessarily the emergence of high profile whiskey aficiondo women, but the spread of casual women whiskey fans. Never forget that the bulk of whiskey drinkers like rather than love the ...

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Q&A with Penderyn’s Stephen Davies

Close-Up on Distilling in Wales By Richard Thomas When Penderyn opened their doors in 2000, they became the first distillery to operate in Wales since the 19th Century. Since then, the micro-distillery has collected garlands aplenty, and demand is so high that Penderyn intends to triple their production. The busy little distillery in Rhondda Cynon Taf has become a place ...

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Q&A with Ludo Ducrocq, Ambassador for Grant’s Scotch

By Richard Thomas Among the various whiskey company brand ambassadors, few have quite the same presence as online Grant’s Ludo Ducrocq. His blog at Grant’s is among the busiest on the official, commercial side of the whiskey trade, and Ducrocq is especially well-known for sampling Grant’s old and discontinued expressions and reporting back on them. The Whiskey Reviewer was recently ...

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Camille Crimson Talks Scotch

Q&A with Scotch-Loving Erotic Model Camille Crimson By Richard Thomas As you may have heard, fine old Scotch isn’t just for the boys anymore. The Whiskey Reviewer was fortunate enough to recently speak with Montreal’s “geeky redhead,” erotic model and web¬†entrepreneur Camille Crimson, who in addition to making videos and loving her guitar, motorcycles, and zombie movies, is also partial ...

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