The Whiskey Stick Kit That Really Works

Barrel Char In A Jar

By Richard Thomas One of the slew of accessory products that came out as a result of the Bourbon Boom were home-aging kits. Many of these were nothing more than oak sticks, with variations adding textured surfaces, charring or toasting. There have also been miniature barrels and, strangest of all, twirling whiskey sticks. The usual advised method for using the ...

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A Year of Whiskey in Calendar Form

Whisky calendar

By Michael Cervin The idea of the calendar goes back millennia. Obviously we need to keep track of time in some capacity, otherwise we miss work, make late payments and life pretty much goes to hell rather quickly. But for us lovers of brown spirits, why not make a calendar that’s at least interesting and allows us to read about ...

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New Whisky Glassware For Christmas

Discommon Lowball 2

By Richard Thomas In my book, a hallmark of an insufferable snob is insisting that only certain glasses (worse, just one type of glass) is suitable for drinking whisky. My stock response is “tell that to Jimmy Russell and Booker Noe, who used to drink their stuff out of Dixie cups.” I could just as easily point to the numerous ...

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Bourbon Barrels Now Used To Make Coolers

Bourbon barrel cooler

By April Manning Bourbon and Beyond invited several vendors to the festival and FirstBuild used this opportunity to show off their bourbon related products. FirstBuild is a co-creation community that is subsidized by GE Appliances, giving them access to world-class engineering and design talent. Among their products, the creators at FirstBuild have designed an affordable icemaker for the nugget ice ...

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