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Cut Spike Single Malt Whiskey Review

Cut Spike Whiskey

By Father John Rayls Rating: B Cut Spike is a renamed/re-branded distillery in La Vista, Nebraska, a little community outside of Omaha. It was founded in 2008 as Solas by its sister brewing company, Lucky Bucket, and this whiskey is the first single malt release in Nebraska since Prohibition. Although an American malt doesn’t necessarily have to be, this whiskey ...

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Westland American Malt Whiskey Review

Westland American Malt

By Father John Rayls Rating: B+ Westland Distillery began operating in Seattle, WA in 2010, producing their 92 proof Single Malt American Whiskey. In 2014, they began shipping nationally via Anchor Distilling, pushing the concept of a product with ingredients grown and produced exclusively from the Pacific Northwest. Emerson Lamb, President of Westland Distillery, wants to put the state of ...

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Westland Releases Sherried and Peated American Malts

Opened in 2010, Westland Distillery evokes the traditions of Scottish whisky produced with ingredients exclusively from the Pacific Northwest. Launched nationally in 2014, with the help of U.S. distributor Anchor Distilling Company, Westland’s flagship American Single Malt is now joined by two expressions – Westland Peated American Single Malt and Westland Sherry Wood Single Malt, both of which recently earned ...

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Colkegan Single Malt Whiskey Review

Colkegan American Single Malt

By S.D. Peters Rating: B+ Colkegan Single Malt Whiskey is the “aged” version of one of the two Scotch-style whiskeys distilled by Santa Fe Spirits – and another fine example of an independent distiller making good things happen to whiskey in the 21st Century. An American distillery, set against a backdrop of Rocky Mountain peaks and Rio Grande basin vistas, ...

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Del Bac Classic Unsmoked Whiskey Review

Del Bac Classic Whiskey

By Jake Emen Rating: B The three Del Bac American malts comprise the current line of Tuscon, Arizona’s Hamilton Distillers, and with two different Southwest-style mesquite-smoked malt whiskeys in that line, the Del Bac Classic Unsmoked is the most straightforward. That begs the question of whether the absence of that all-encompassing, powerful mesquite help the single malt it masks shine, ...

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