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Cody Road Uncommon Double Barrel Bourbon Review

Cody Road Uncommon Double Barrel Bourbon

By Richard Thomas Found near the Mid-Western stretch of the Mississippi River, Iowa’s Mississippi River Distilling Company (MRDC) has a knack for small, limited edition runs that put a twist on their staple whiskeys. Among their more recent releases was a foray into a new trend in whiskey: sending used barrels to a brewery for use in making whiskey barrel-aged ...

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Barrell Bourbon Batch 010 Review

Barrell Bourbon Batch 010

By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ Perhaps it is because nearly all of the world’s bourbon (especially if you include Tennessee Whiskey as a sub-category of bourbon) is made in one region, the Mid-South, but regrettably most American whiskey enthusiasts pay no attention at all to issues of climate and how that plays out in maturation. As someone who keeps on ...

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Wyoming Whiskey Releases Single Barrel 2017

Wyoming Whiskey Single Barrel Bourbon is available once again in six U.S. markets. This highly anticipated release of Single Barrel is the first since the initial release of just two pallets worth of bourbon sold out before the bottles could hit shelves in November of 2015. Twelve barrels representing the top 1% of bourbon produced in Wyoming Whiskey’s three rick ...

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Timber Creek Florida Bourbon Review

Timber Creek Florida Bourobn

By Elizabeth Emmons Rating: B+ Timber Creek was founded in May 2014, and sits near Destin, FL, a pretty city along Florida’s Emerald Coast, by Aaron Barnes and Camden Ford. Barnes and Ford were neighbors who bonded over their love of beer and quality ingredients, and they set up shop in (1,400-acre) backyard of one of their parents’ property in ...

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