Bourbon Whiskey

Takeaways from the Maker’s Mark Bourbon House Flap

By Richard Thomas The Holidays are usually a quiet time for news, with most stories focusing on human interest stories, last minute shopping, post-Christmas deals, and New Year’s Eve events. This year had some real news, mostly stemming from the so-called “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations in the United States, but whiskey lovers had a little something extra all their own: a ...

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Maker’s Mark Bourbon House Slammed, Sued for Racism

By Richard Thomas Maker’s Mark Bourbon House is a fixture of both downtown Louisville’s renewed South 4th Street strip and of Louisville’s Urban Bourbon Trail, but unfortunately it is attracting attention for more than just its menu or its bourbon list. The whiskey-themed restaurant and bar is being sued for racial discrimination in refusing to host a party. Louisville resident ...

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George T. Stagg Bourbon Review (2012)

By Richard Thomas Rating: A- Among Buffalo Trace’s more rarefied products, I must admit that George T. Stagg holds a special place in my heart, even more so than Pappy Van Winkle. Some bourbon fans are going to shout “heretic” at me, I’m sure, and maybe even one of the contributors to this website as well, but that’s how I ...

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Close-Up on Hungarian Workshop, Maker of Whiskey Barrel Furnishings

Hungarian Workshop Plate

Interview with Balazs Moldovan, Proprietor of Hungarian Workshop By Richard Thomas One of the most enduring and appealing scenes for whiskey drinkers is sitting out on the patio and enjoying the evening with a finger or two of whiskey. The image is practically synonymous with the very idea of “sipping whiskey.” Every whiskey lover has their own variation of that ...

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