Bourbon Whiskey

Did Maker’s Mark Pull A New Coke?

By Richard Thomas When Maker’s Mark backed off of plans to ameliorate their difficulties in meeting popular demand for their bourbon by watering down the proof of their whiskey, conspiracy wags immediately began crying foul, and more than a few more respectable pundits began likening it to the New Coke fiasco of the 1980s. Although superficially similar, labeling Maker’s Mark ...

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Surviving Remnants of Lexington’s Bourbon Industry

Old Pepper Distillery in Lexington, KY

By Richard Thomas When Lyons Spirits built a distillery and started making Town Branch Bourbon and Pearse Lyons Reserve, they reintroduced bourbon-making to Lexington, Kentucky after an absence of more than five decades. Until that time, the most visible sign that Lexington was a whiskey-making town had been the old James E. Pepper plant on Manchester Street, Lexington’s last working ...

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Kentucky Gentleman Bourbon Review

By Richard Thomas Rating: F Few entries into the whiskey market have ever been as misnamed as Kentucky Gentleman. Certainly Imperial whiskey is anything but, yet the concept of empire is a vague one, meaning different things to different people. The phrase “Kentucky Gentleman” implies a certain Southern genteelness, and frankly, no one possessed with such grace and class would ...

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Buffalo Trace Suffering Periodic Shortages

(From Buffalo Trace Press Release) Bourbon whiskey consumption has been on a roll, and Kentucky’s bourbon distilleries are struggling to keep up with demand. Nowhere is this more true than at Buffalo Trace Distillery, producer of brands such as Blanton’s, Buffalo Trace, and Pappy Van Winkle. Despite the increase in distillation over the past few years, demand for bourbon is ...

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