Japanese Whisky

Whiskey Shortage Report 2015

Empty liquor shelves

Putting Last Year’s Shortage Scare Stories Under The Microscope By Richard Thomas The previous year’s most consistent whiskey storyline was the “whiskey shortage,” spawning a plethora of articles in the whiskey press and the larger mainstream media, running right up to the last days of 2015. Tales of rapidly evaporating stocks of Scotch and bourbon have been a staple of ...

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Japanese Craft Whisky Coming To Europe

By Richard Thomas French drinks importer Les Whiskies Du Monde is set to have an example of Japanese craft whisky for sale next month. Japanese whisky is widely perceived as being the domain of just two major producers, Nikka and Suntory, but that isn’t exactly true. Predating the American craft distilling explosion of recent years, Japan’s “Ji-Whisky” sector has been ...

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Suntory Borrows From Ardbeg, Sends Whisky Into Space

By Richard Thomas Japanese whisky-maker Suntory, one of Japan’s big two whisky distillers, announced that they would send samples of their whisky into space and store them in the Japanese lab of the International Space Station. The purpose is to test the effects of zero gravity on on flavor. Some samples will remain for a minimum of one year, while ...

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