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Best Gift Ideas For Whiskey Fans

Blue Grass Soysauce from Bourbon Barrel Foods

By Richard Thomas In the U.S. today is known as “Black Friday,” the day after the Thanksgiving holiday that signposts roughly one month remaining before Christmas, and therefore the day that so many Americans begin shopping for Christmas gifts. With whiskey trendier than ever and plenty of new whiskey fans out there, the idea of buying whiskey gifts will undoubtedly ...

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Whisky With Indian Food Pairings

By Richard Thomas Indian cuisine ranks right behind, or perhaps has parity with, domestic staples such as roasts and the “Full English” in British dining, while one of the fixtures The Raj left in India is a love for a good Scotch (or the locally made equivalent). From a base like that, the notion of pairing curry with whisky seems ...

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Five Reasons Whiskey Is Better Than Vodka

Whiskey vs. Vodka

By Richard Thomas Twenty years ago, vodka was all the rage, but being trendy doesn’t necessarily make something better. Even now, with whiskey enjoying a resurgence in popularity, it is still outsold virtually everywhere by vodka, and by a substantial margin. Yet whiskey always has topped vodka, and always will top vodka, and fact well-demonstrated by the five reasons below. ...

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Yay or Nay: Flavored Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Flavored whiskey has greatly expanded its presence on store and especially bar shelves in recent years, a trend that closely mirrors the explosion of flavored vodkas that characterized the vodka boom of twenty years ago. Yet the expansion in flavored whiskey has two characteristics distinguishing it from the flavored vodkas that sprang up during that spirit’s heyday ...

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Pairing Tea and Whiskey

By Richard Thomas Tea and whiskey were meant to be brought together. Both tea and whiskey are key traditional drinks of the British Isles, so mixing them is merely the next logical step. Even the cheapest tea usually has a light enough flavor to allow the whiskey to shine, something that cannot be said of coffee, and both drinks have ...

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