Bardstown Bourbon Co. Gets New Customer, Castle Brands


Bardstown Bourbon Company (BBCo) announced today that Castle Brands, the maker of Jefferson’s Bourbon, has joined BBCo’s Collaborative Distilling Program. Castle Brands will work together with BBCo to produce custom bourbon and whiskey for the Jefferson’s Bourbon portfolio. BBCo and Jefferson’s will begin their first distillation this year.

Castle Brands has been investing millions in building up their stock of sourced bourbon, both new and aged, for the Jefferson’s brand. Acquiring a steady supply of contract distilled whiskey is a logical step to secure the supply to support future supply and sales.

Due to the success of its sold out Collaborative Distilling Program, BBCo recently broke ground on a distillery expansion project. The distillery’s current 3 million proof gallon capacity will be expanded to 6 million proof gallons by June 2018.

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  1. Kentucky Artisan Distillery remains the home of Jefferson Bourbon and the distiller or all of Jefferson very small batch bottlings and all of their barrel unique finishes including wine and rum finishes. Kentucky Artisan Distillery remains the send off point for all of Jefferson’s Ocean renditions.

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