Sons of Liberty Uprising Stout Ale Review


By Richard Thomas

Rating: B

Uprising Stout Ale

Uprising Stout Ale
(Credit: Sons of Liberty)

Sons of Liberty Distillery is found in Rhode Island, and in 2016 they joined the growing ranks of the brewstilleries (brewery + distillery). This combination makes sense in that beer and whiskey share common production roots. If you can make one, you can make the other with a little extra equipment.

Many craft distilleries have been experimenting with using specialized brewing malts in making their American Malt Whiskeys. The Sons of Liberty Uprising Single Malt was already made with the darker malted barleys (dehusked chocolate malt, crystal malt, pale malt, biscuit malt and roasted barley) frequently used in making stout, and fermented with Classic American Ale Yeast, so just making stout is a logical next step. Hence, Sons of Liberty Stout Ale.

The one difference is that when this brew is put to work in a still, it is fermented up to 10 to 12% ABV. In turning it towards an ale, it’s kept to 7 to 8% ABV instead.

That beer is pleasant in how modest it is. It’s got that stout bitterness, but in a restrained sort of way, and quite balanced by silken, honeyed sweetness. Substantial without being heavy, it’s a nice sipper of an ale.

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