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  1. If you want a whisky recipe I STRONGLY suggest making the ancient recipe (around 6 maybe 700 years old) known as Atholl Brose. It is truly exquisite.
    Personally I use the recipe my grandfather taught me and can be found on the net as well ( that uses 6 egg whites 400ml of heavy or double cream, 450ml of honey (I use Australian Leatherwood) and you soak the whisky in oats for 24 hours sift the oats out of the whisky and blend it all together. You have to shake the bottle to stir up the stuff that has settled every day for a week. If you like Baileys Irish Cream this stuff will take your BIC down the alley and smack it, take its wallet and walk out smiling. From then on it will make BIC look like a limp-wristed choir boy.
    Another recipe is called Cranachan check it out

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